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Cooling Services 

Look no further than Elevated Comfort when it comes to cooling services. Our expert HVAC technicians can keep your home or workplace cool and save you money on your energy bills by performing installation and replacement services as well as repairs and maintenance.

Why Choose Elevated Comfort for Cooling Services?

There aren’t huge temperature swings in Northern California as in other parts of the country. Generally, our winters are mild and our summers are pleasant. In spite of this, there are days, even weeks, when our outdoor air quality isn’t very good and we must remain indoors. 

As a locally owned and operated business, Elevated Comfort shares the same conditions as you do. The efficiency of our air conditioning and mini split systems is extremely important to us. For all your cooling service needs, you can rely on our experienced technicians. We offer unparalleled AC service, and you can rest assured Elevated Comfort won’t stop working until you’re satisfied!

AC Installation & Replacement

Trust Elevated Comfort’s air conditioning service team to smoothly guide you through the installation of a new air conditioner or the replacement of an old unit.

AC Repair & Maintenance

Our highly trained cooling service technicians can ensure the quality of your indoor environment and boost the life expectancy of your cooling unit with regular maintenance and timely repairs. 

Ductless Mini Split Installation & Replacement

Get expert help designing and installing a new ductless mini split system from our staff. Using these simple and efficient systems will save you money on your energy bills and offer a powerful cooling solution for homes and businesses.

Ductless Mini Split Repair & Maintenance

With our cooling service technicians, you can expect your mini split system to run like a Formula One racecar. Keeping your HVAC system in top shape requires regular maintenance and timely repairs.

Cooling Repair and Maintenance 

Affordable Cooling Repair and MaintenanceSo that your cooling system is ready for summer, our licensed technicians will come to your home to handle cooling maintenance. We may need to perform a cooling repair if our inspection indicates more than a tune-up is needed. You will receive information regarding cooling repair options prior to proceeding. The lack of proper cooling maintenance could cause a slew of problems, including higher utility bills, frequent system breakdowns, and potentially dangerous indoor temperatures. 

You can also keep your cooling system clean by changing the air conditioner filters regularly and cleaning the area surrounding it. If you will not be home for an extended period, you should keep your thermostat raised to prevent your system from being overloaded.

What A Cooling Maintenance Contractor Will Do

A technician from Elevated Comfort will inspect every component of your cooling system to ensure that it is functioning properly. Here is a short list of the tasks we perform during each check-up:

  • Make sure the fan is dust-free.
  • The air intakes and vents should be checked.
  • Check to see if the coil is damaged or corroded.
  • Corrosion and fraying of electrical connections should be checked.
  • Check the condenser and thermostat to ensure they are working.

Last but not least, ensure that each component is functioning properly. When minor issues are ignored, they will lead to more serious issues in the future. Taking care of them as soon as possible will help avoid costly repairs in the future. A yearly inspection of your cooling system will prevent problems from occurring.

Residential and Commercial Cooling Repair and Maintenance

It is common for the cooling system in a Northern California home or business to make strange noises from time to time. These noises should not alarm you, however. Our team has heard and diagnosed a wide array of potential problems. One room may be too warm, and another room may be freezing. Perhaps your heating system isn’t functioning properly. We provide the latest equipment and years of extensive training to our technicians to repair your cooling system. If your cooling system needs repair, we will explain your options and let you make a decision. We repair cooling systems to 100% satisfaction by using only the best products available on the market. Please contact Elevated Comfort so that we may come out to your home or business and restore the crispness of proper cooling!

Cooling Replacement 

The life of a cooling system, regardless of whether it’s a ductless mini split or a central air conditioner, isn’t indefinite. A cooling system replacement is one of the most significant investments a homeowner can make in Northern California. The efficiency of a new cooling system, however, will increase with time and result in a reduction in energy costs.  

In the event that your cooling system fails to respond to regular tune-ups and reliable repairs, it may need to be replaced. It’s especially important if your computer is older than 15 to 20 years old and nearing the end of its lifespan.

When To Consider Cooling Replacement

Affordable Cooling ReplacementYour aging or damaged cooling system may need to be replaced soon if the following signs are present: 

  • It’s a sign that you’re no longer producing cool air efficiently if your cooling costs have been steadily increasing.
  • It is a sign that your unit is nearing the end of its life if you are unable to cool your home or business evenly (some rooms are warmer than others) or effectively (the system constantly runs).
  • If your AC or cooling system is making strange noises such as rattling, humming, screeching, or rattling, then perhaps your cooling system has been damaged or worn out to the point of failure.
  • A foul odor is being released by the system, resulting in poor indoor air quality.

Every cooling system replacement is customized to meet the specific needs of that home or business, so you should partner with cooling experts who are experienced in what they do. In addition to needing a decade of experience in their toolboxes, all of our licensed cooling technicians can replace your cooling system. Your Elevated Comfort field manager will oversee the replacement of your cooling system.

We will designate a cooling unit to meet your needs based on your needs and budget. For those whose budgets are initially beyond their reach, we can make special offers and provide assistance from our financial partners to help overcome the financial barrier.

Our Cooling Services Are Also Available in These Cities

No matter where you live, Elevated Comfort can improve your health and well-being. Our premier Cooling services are available to local residents and businesses whether you live in HealdsburgLarkspur, Mill ValleyNovatoPetalumaRohnert Park, San AnselmoSan RafaelSanta Rosa, or Windsor.