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Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractors

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractors - Elevated Comfort - Santa Rosa CA

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractors - Elevated Comfort - Santa Rosa CAAt Elevated Comfort, we pride ourselves on offering the best HVAC services in and around Santa Rosa, CA. That includes our Diamond Elite Contractor status for Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems. Our expert technicians understand the intricate and powerful systems from Mitsubishi Electric, and we use that extensive knowledge to bring tangible benefits to our customers.

What Makes Diamond Elite Contractors So Valuable?

A Diamond Elite Contractor like Elevated Comfort has advantages in our knowledge of Mitsubishi Electric products and our education. Our in-home consultations will help you determine which systems are best for your comfort, efficiency, and wellness goals. 

We will also explore your home’s size and layout to determine the most effective equipment for your property. The temperature control needs of large and small houses are vastly different, and your choice of a single-room or multiroom unit will depend on these factors. It takes an intimate knowledge of the system to find the perfect fit and accurately quote costs.

In addition, Diamond Elite Contractors are knowledgeable about the latest utility rebates and programs. Our professionals will identify any equipment that qualifies for additional energy savings through local rebates and tax credit programs. If this is the case, it can reduce the cost of installing a new HVAC system even more.

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Case Studies

Mitsubishi Diamond Elite  Installers

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractors - Elevated Comfort - Santa Rosa CA

Since forced-air units have historically dominated the market, ductless technology is still a relatively new phenomenon for the average homeowner, even though it was introduced over 30 years ago. A certain level of specialized expertise is required in order to grasp the nuances of this next-generation product.

It is essential to properly size and mount an indoor air handler, the wall- or ceiling-mounted unit, or the ductwork for a ducted system, to ensure that the system works properly. The specialized training of a Diamond Contractor can help in these circumstances. When it comes to ductless installation, your contractor’s knowledge of technology and experience are often the key factors in differentiating between a perfect installation and one that is simply passable.

 Product Warranty

You’ll receive the broadest warranty in the industry, up to a 12-year period, when hiring a Diamond Elite  Contractor. Mitsubishi Electric offers a standard warranty of five years on Zoned Comfort Solutions® parts and seven years on compressors. Diamond Contractors, like Elevated Comfort, are able to back parts and compressors for 12 years each, as long as they are installed in a single-family residence and registered within 90 days of installation. For more information, please refer to the product warranty statement. Your investment and the elevated comfort of your home are protected by obtaining a comprehensive warranty.


Consider choosing a Diamond Elite Contractor, like the experts at Elevated Comfort, if you want to ensure that your Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling system performs effectively. This is especially true for ductless HVAC systems, which require specialized training to install correctly.

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