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Water Heaters in Santa Rosa, CA

Best Water Heaters in Santa Rosa CA replace repar maintainAn average water heater lasts between 12 and 14 years in Santa Rosa, CA. Yours can last longer if you’re lucky and take good care of it. But like any appliance, your water heater will require extra attention at some point. Whether you need repairs, installation, or a total replacement for your Water Heaters in Santa Rosa, CA, Elevated Comfort’s licensed plumbing technicians can size up your situation, explain it to you in understandable terms, and offer you solutions to fit your budget. 

When to Consider Repairs for Water Heaters

When are you on the brink of water heater repairs? Here are some signs to watch out for at your Santa Rosa, CA, home or business:

  • Unit Is Noisy. All appliances make some noise. But if your water heater (whether it’s gas or electric) seems unusually loud, it’s time to have it inspected and potentially repaired. Noises to listen for include crackling, rumbling, or popping sounds.
  • Water Heater Is Old. If your water heater is approaching its 10th birthday (or if it’s even older), it’s time to reach out to Elevated Comfort. We can inspect your hot water heater and perform any repairs before they become costly problems. 
  • No Hot Water. If your water heater is tapped out of hot water too soon, this is a clear sign something’s wrong. For gas water heaters, a pilot relight might do the trick. If your system is electric, check your circuit breaker. If there isn’t a problem with either of these and you’re shivering in your shower, it’s time for repairs. 
  • Water Is Leaking. Leaking Water Heaters in Santa Rosa, CA, are a clear indicator that something is amiss. If you find water around your unit, first check around the heater’s connections, fittings, and temperature-pressure relief valve. If all looks well, you may be due for repairs to find and fix the problem. Repairs are also probably necessary if your water is discolored or tastes weird or metallic.

Water Heater Maintenance in Santa Rosa, CA

Best Water Heater Maintenance in Santa Rosa CAIf you contact us for regular inspections and maintenance or detect a problem early enough, your hot water heater can enjoy a long life. But if your water heater is reaching that decade milestone and you’re experiencing issues, a replacement might be in your best interest. There are other reasons replacement might be the best option. Maybe your home or business isn’t getting enough hot water. Or maybe the previous homeowner didn’t have a large family and the hot water tank size was sufficient to keep up with their needs but not yours. 

We repair, replace, maintain, and install all major brands of water heaters for our customers who live in the Northern California communities of Cotati, Healdsburg, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Novato, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, San Anselmo, San Rafael or Windsor and their surrounding areas. Schedule your water heater service by calling us at 707.284.1039 or contacting us.

When to Consider Water Heater Replacement

Affordable Water Heaters Repairs in Santa Rosa CA

Many homeowners overlook the importance of the water heater. Usually, we don’t think much about the cylindrical tank tucked away in the basement or garage until we have to use it. We start noticing shorter showers than usual. When you turn on the tap, you find the water is only lukewarm rather than hot – or worse still, it’s completely cold! You can avoid the hassle of a failing water heater if you replace it before it’s too late.

Before you’re forced into an emergency situation, it is time to consider replacing your water heater if you suspect it’s older than ten years. On some tank labels, the date of manufacture appears next to the serial number. You’ll need the manufacturer’s name and the serial number of your water heater to determine its age using one of the various resources available online.

In some cases, water heaters that appear to be OK can fail without warning. However, most of the time, your water heater will show early signs of trouble. The following are some possible red flags:

  • Corrosion. A corrosion-prone water heater is on its way out. There’s a sign of deterioration on the water heater when corrosion occurs around the pipe or on it itself. This can lead to the system weakening and eventually causing the water heater to fail.
  • Less hot water. The accumulation of sediment inside the tank caused by poor maintenance and aging can significantly reduce the capacity. As a result of the chemical and mineral composition of our water, the inside of the tank can be corroded and broken down. In turn, sediment and particulate matter can build up in the pipes and reduce the amount of available water for your home to heat and use.
  • Noise or rumbling. An efficient, quiet, and reliable water heater is designed for consistent, trouble-free performance. Your water heater is likely straining to function properly if it makes strange noises, rumbles, or vibrates. The most common cause of rumbling in tanks is sediment build-up, which can lead to bigger problems down the road. Make sure you check any strange sounds you hear.
  • Rusty water. When the water in the system is rusty, it is usually an indication of corroded or malfunctioning heating elements.
  • Water leaks. You usually learn about a problem with your hot water heater when leaks begin to appear at joints, seals, or seams (possibly caused by corrosion, as discussed above). Generally, water heaters are regarded as “closed” systems. If moisture escapes from that system, then there is a problem. It is not just the water heater itself that can be damaged by leaks, but also the area around it and other items in the vicinity.

If these issues are ignored, your water heater can suddenly fail. You will suffer from cold water–perhaps a ruptured tank–and your floors and carpets may sustain water damage. A sudden failure also has the downside of forcing you to schedule an emergency plumbing job, which can be more expensive and usually limits your choice of replacement models to inefficient units with high operating costs. Instead, call Elevated Comfort if you notice any of these warning signs to schedule a water heater replacement before it’s too late!

Water Heaters FAQs

Water heaters cost between $330 and $1,500 for a 40-gallon unit alone, or between $500 and $2,500 if installation is included. Larger tanks cost more, with a 75-gallon tank costing as much as $2,500 for just the unit itself.

Elevated Comfort is the ideal contractor for water heater installation, repair, and replacement services in Northern California, including Santa Rosa, CA, and its surrounding areas.

Most experts state that a gas-powered water heater should last about 8 to 12 years, but this range is subject to change and is highly dependent on your location. A water heater's lifespan is affected by the sediment level in its tank.

If there is no hot water, the cause may be a faulty electric thermostat, a faulty upper heating element, or a lack of power. A faulty heater element or thermostat may be to blame for the water not being hot enough, or it could be a result of an undersized water heater.