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Water Treatment 

Best Water TreatmentDrinking, bathing, and cooking with clean water are essential to our health. We rely on our municipalities’ water treatment plants to provide us with clean water. When it comes to clean water, the responsibility begins at home for those of us who rely on wells. Because there are so many contaminants that can end up in our drinking water, water treatment is a big business. Despite being drinkable, it isn’t quite right. By installing whole-house water treatment systems or individual water filter systems that can be inserted under a sink, on a faucet or even on a showerhead, the experts at Elevated Comfort can make your water taste outstanding.

Water Treatment System Installation & Replacement

There are times when your home or business needs a water treatment system. You can tell from your nose, taste buds, and even your eyes that now is the time to call Elevated Comfort to schedule an appointment to have a high-performance water filtration system installed. Here are some factors worth considering if you are still unsure:

  • It tastes bad when you drink water. Despite municipal water treatment plants removing toxins, the water might still taste bad because of its mineral content. “Hard” water can cause other problems as well. Water may also be treated with chlorine at the municipal plant to remove numerous impurities.
  • The lead threat will not go away. Lead pipes were not banned by Congress until 1986 and, even then, they were allowed to remain in the ground. It’s estimated that 15 million to 22 million Americans still use lead pipes to get water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. There’s a very good chance that your pipes are composed of lead if you live in a house built before 1986 and still have its original pipes. Lead particles from the walls of the pipes or from lead solder in copper pipes could end up floating in your water. If this is what happens, a water filter system is vital for the safety of your family, especially your children.
  • Dingy clothes and dishes. Whatever amount of washing you do, your whites will never come out white and your colors will still look dirty. Mineral-rich water (remember the hard water warning?) and chlorine impede the performance of your washer. To get your clothes clean, you need more laundry detergent and water, but this might damage your clothes, raise your water bill, and cause damage to your septic system’s drain field. Water with hard minerals will not dissolve soap effectively.

Whether you need a whole-house or single-family water filtration system, Elevated Comfort’s expert staff is ready to assess your system and make recommendations.

Benefits of Water Treatment System Maintenance  

Affordable Water TreatmentInstalled at the point where your house’s main water line enters, a whole-house water filtration system sanitizes the water as it flows through your pipes. It may be more expensive up front than installing one or two water filters at specific locations, but knowing your water is undergoing filtration at its source should give you real peace of mind. This is especially critical if your home runs on well water.

Water softeners can be part of whole-home water treatment systems. As a result, the softener device will reduce scale in your pipes and fixtures, resulting in fewer leaks and less corrosion. Most importantly, these whole-house water filter systems will provide you with great-tasting, pleasant-smelling water that you can drink, cook, and bathe in, which is essential for family members with sensitive skin. With Elevated Comfort, you can invest in a whole-house water treatment system with confidence because we guarantee your satisfaction 100 percent.

Why Choose Elevated Comfort for Water Treatment?

In Northern California, you can get safe, tastier water through a water treatment system, or if you need a repair or replacement for your current water filter system, including softeners. Call Elevated Comfort for service if you live in Healdsburg, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Novato, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, or Windsor.

Water Treatment FAQs

Water treatment systems cost roughly $2,100 to $3,300 on average, with the average home owner paying $2,500 for a reverse osmosis system and sediment filter installed.

In your area, you have access to water treatment services. If you do a search for "water treatment near me," you can find plumbing businesses around you. Online search engines like Google are a good place to find quality contractors since they offer reviews and testimonials of clients.

Filters become clogged over time due to contaminants in water. Unless the water purifier is cleaned frequently, the filtration capacity and quality of water will be affected. It is important to change water filters regularly to avoid contaminating drinking water with impurities.

Drinking and bathing water should be treated with a water treatment and filtration system that removes sediment, chloramines, and fluoride.