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Behind the Scenes in Plumbing: How to Flush a Water Heater

It’s that time of year again – it’s hot, and you’re probably thinking about ways to cool down. But have you thought about your water heater? Annual maintenance is an important part of keeping your home running smoothly. In this behind the scenes plumbing tutorial, Nick explains the best practices for flushing a water heater during annual maintenance.

How Often Should You Flush a Water Heater?

The tech featured in the video above is Nick. With elevated comfort plumbing, heating, and air today we’re going to talk about doing a water heater flush, anode rod check, just a safety inspection should be done yearly. Once a year, every year this is a 40 gallon American standard. First things first we want to figure out how old this system is. You know usually you can tell by the model number. Any technician should be giving you that information.

Plumbing Behind the Scenes: Step-by-Step Water Heater Flush

First, we’ll shut the water down to the water heater. This is our domestic cold water inlet. From there, what we do is shut that guy down. We’re going to hook up a standard garden hose to the drain valve and drain it out. This will allow us to descale the tank itself. Getting the most minimal amount of calcium, sand, and debris out of the tank is something that you want to do from the first year it’s installed. If you wait 10 years and then try to do it, it’s not really going to do anything for your system.

Once that’s all descaled, we come over to this system. This system has a hex head style anode rod inside the unit. The anode rod is magnesium with city water, and their zinc with well water. Otherwise you start getting that rotten egg smell. So for this system, in particular, city water application is a magnesium rod. Now there are two places these can be on this system: on a hex style or a nipple style. You know, some of the older systems have a hex style, and others have a nipple style. Your plumber will be able to determine where the anode rod is located in the tank.

In this case, we’re going to use a big impact wrench with a socket that’s 27 millimeters to unscrew the rod. It should just unthread out of there. This one is missing for some reason – it has half the rod going – but it should be about the length of the tank, going all the way down to right above the burner. What this does is it attracts calcium and sediment minerals and debris things like that. Hard water can cause these systems to overheat, so it’s important to swap out the filter every two to four years.

Behind the Scenes Tip: Flush Often for Stable Temps

So if you are a household that is constantly turning up the temperature on your water heater, you know that every year or every six months it’s probably because you haven’t had it looked at in a while. It is very important that your plumber and you work together to make the best judgment on whether one of these needs to be replaced or if the tank is long gone and needs to be replaced entirely, or if you can put a new anode rod in it. If your inner rod looks good, it just needs to be wiped clean; it may have another year or two in it.

Then, you throw it back in and cinch everything down after that process. You know we’re sure there’ll be questions involved but your plumber’s going to get rid of the hose close up that bib and slowly fill this guy back up releasing air either out of the TMP valve if it’s new enough or through a inside fixture like a bathtub or something like that. So once that’s all done, your system’s good. You kick it back to 120 degrees and give it 30 to 45 minutes – that is your water heater flush.

Why Start at a Bathtub?

The reason why we want to start at a bathtub instead of a kitchen faucet is because if there is any sediment minerals inside of the tank, we don’t want to stir it up and suck it through the faucet. We always want to go to a bathtub or something with a big amount of water that comes out – this is your water heater flush. Hopefully this is helpful, like we said, with a system like this or a process of how to maintain these- it’s like a car, right? You have to change the oil, rotate the tires, and clean the air filters. We ask so much of these things every day – to give us hot showers after a long day, to be sanitary when we’re washing our hands, and to do dishes – that we have to take care of them.

Want More Behind the Scenes HVAC and Plumbing Tips?

Our channel features weekly tune-up tips and more. However, maintenance is always the best behind the scenes secret that we can pass on, it’s the difference between six years of use letting it sit or thirteen to fifteen years if you take good care of your equipment. Number one: a good manufacturer and a homeowner that knows how to take care of their equipment are very important. We have a monthly plan for nineteen dollars a month. It’s something that we come out and do for you, which is really cool. Hopefully that’s helpful, guys. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

Meet the HVAC Experts: Why Choose Elevated Comfort?

If you’re in need of HVAC services, it’s important that you choose a company that you can trust. Elevated Comfort has been providing high-quality HVAC services to Northern California residents for years, and we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We believe in offering affordable prices and high-quality workmanship, and we guarantee your satisfaction from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about our HVAC expertise!

Meet Our Experienced HVAC Experts

Nick, Tyler, Zach, Ryan, and Gabe have over two decades of combined experience in HVAC. Their practical knowledge, specialized training, and industry expertise make this team a veritable pool of HVAC experts to choose from.  HVAC is a vital part of any commercial or residential property, and it’s important to choose a team that you can trust. Elevated Comfort has been providing high-quality HVAC services to Northern California residents for years, and we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers. We believe in offering affordable prices and high-quality services that ensure our customers are taken care of, no matter the need.

You should choose Elevated Comfort because our goal is honesty, transparency, and bringing you the best HVAC and plumbing system possible. What our team loves most about Elevated Comfort is that it’s a great work environment with an excellent culture. Many of our technicians have been friends for many years and we provide a valuable service to people. We go above and beyond with what we do to any job where we can do a little extra for our clients.

What Makes Elevated Comfort Different?

So what’s unique about Elevated Comfort is that we’re a family. We all like to work together, and we work as a team and help our clients stay comfortable in their homes. We are not a pushy-salesman company; if it can be fixed, we fix it. We believe in education and ethics over profit, as opposed to unreputable companies that sell outdated equipment or inflate estimates with unnecessary repairs.

We do everything we can for the people who count on us, and we guarantee that promise. We believe in doing things differently here – it’s a family-oriented system. We take pride in having heart, doing what we love to do every day, and helping our clients out. It’s a great feeling to be able to help people when their hands are in the air and you can come in and provide solutions and fix them up.

HVAC Experts You Can Trust

At Elevated Comfort, we are honest. We explain everything as much as possible so that you can make the right decision. Our team of HVAC experts really loves what we do because we get to help people in their homes all day, every day. We feel it is our responsibility to create positive energy, warm air, and a great experience for everybody we come in contact with. Our HVAC experts relish the opportunity to elevate others, which further helps them to elevate themselves.

An HVAC Company Founder’s Story: The Evolution of Elevated Comfort

When I, Matthew McDonald, founded the Elevated Comfort HVAC company, I had a vision for providing the highest quality heating and cooling services to his community. With over two decades of experience in the home improvement industry, I was confident in my ability to succeed. I joined an elite business mentorship group and surrounded myself with top experts in order to accelerate my personal and professional growth. Through hard work, dedication, and loyalty to my clients and team, Elevated Comfort has become one of the fastest-growing HVAC companies in the region!

The Backstory of an HVAC Company Founder

Hi, my name is Matt McDonald. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I got into the construction industry about 22 years ago. I learned how to work hard and work efficiently. Construction was a tough job, working outside all the time. But my wife and I got married, she was pregnant with my son, and I realized that I wanted a better life for us. I knew a lot of guys in the industry, and I had a tight group of guys. So I eventually had the epiphany: I started to think of ways to start my own business.

I thought this industry needed another honest company to fill the void in the market. As a top producer at a local company, I felt I knew what the market needed from an HVAC company. So finally, I joined the Arete Syndicate group. Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett lead it. There’s a lot of fear behind taking the next step and being able to talk with like-minded people. This network of professionals at my back gave me the courage to start my own business.

Starting an HVAC Company

The hardest thing is just to start from day one. We try to do everything the right way–financially, practically, and ethically. We pride ourselves on being honest with customers and providing five-star quality service. You’d be surprised how far that goes.  HVAC is a very old industry and it’s very easy to do things the wrong way or take shortcuts and we just don’t operate that way.

My vision for this company is to be number one. I want to own the most profitable, best customer service, largest HVAC and plumbing company in northern California. I want to have a hundred employees who all have amazing jobs, everybody loves to come to work, and everybody makes money. Our customers are happy, we’re doing good work in the community, and we’re taking care of people. That’s really my vision.

I also want to take care of my team. I have a great group of young men working for me now and I want to see them succeed. I want to see them make a lot of money, buy houses, have families, and just be happy. That’s important to me too.

The Buck Stops at the Top

Every issue that comes into the company, whether you’re a customer or an employee, everyone’s problems come through me. So I make sure that everybody is taking care of customers and employees and everything is going to come through me so that we’re doing the right thing.

I just want something I can pass down to my kids and have them grow up learning the trade as I did.  That means helping the guys clean the trucks, learning how to do the trade from the bottom up, starting to do ductwork, plumbing, digging, and then working their way up to service management and then eventually owner. I’m really proud of my team. I have an incredible staff and great technicians, so we’ve just been able to build something really special.

Final Thoughts on Building an HVAC Company

Thank you for reading! The HVAC industry has a lot of room for growth, and we’re excited to be a part of that evolution. If you’re looking for the best HVAC company in Northern California, look no further than Elevated Comfort! We offer top-quality HVAC services at competitive prices, and our friendly staff is always available to answer any questions you may have. If you require HVAC services like AC installation, heat pump repair, duct cleaning, and more, we’ll be happy to help you out in any way possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to schedule a visit from one of our highly trained and experienced technicians!

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractors

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractors - Elevated Comfort - Santa Rosa CAAt Elevated Comfort, we pride ourselves on offering the best HVAC services in and around Santa Rosa, CA. That includes our Diamond Elite Contractor status for Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems. Our expert technicians understand the intricate and powerful systems from Mitsubishi Electric, and we use that extensive knowledge to bring tangible benefits to our customers.

What Makes Diamond Elite Contractors So Valuable?

A Diamond Elite Contractor like Elevated Comfort has advantages in our knowledge of Mitsubishi Electric products and our education. Our in-home consultations will help you determine which systems are best for your comfort, efficiency, and wellness goals. 

We will also explore your home’s size and layout to determine the most effective equipment for your property. The temperature control needs of large and small houses are vastly different, and your choice of a single-room or multiroom unit will depend on these factors. It takes an intimate knowledge of the system to find the perfect fit and accurately quote costs.

In addition, Diamond Elite Contractors are knowledgeable about the latest utility rebates and programs. Our professionals will identify any equipment that qualifies for additional energy savings through local rebates and tax credit programs. If this is the case, it can reduce the cost of installing a new HVAC system even more.

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Case Studies

Mitsubishi Diamond Elite  Installers

Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Elite Contractors - Elevated Comfort - Santa Rosa CA

Since forced-air units have historically dominated the market, ductless technology is still a relatively new phenomenon for the average homeowner, even though it was introduced over 30 years ago. A certain level of specialized expertise is required in order to grasp the nuances of this next-generation product.

It is essential to properly size and mount an indoor air handler, the wall- or ceiling-mounted unit, or the ductwork for a ducted system, to ensure that the system works properly. The specialized training of a Diamond Contractor can help in these circumstances. When it comes to ductless installation, your contractor’s knowledge of technology and experience are often the key factors in differentiating between a perfect installation and one that is simply passable.

 Product Warranty

You’ll receive the broadest warranty in the industry, up to a 12-year period, when hiring a Diamond Elite  Contractor. Mitsubishi Electric offers a standard warranty of five years on Zoned Comfort Solutions® parts and seven years on compressors. Diamond Contractors, like Elevated Comfort, are able to back parts and compressors for 12 years each, as long as they are installed in a single-family residence and registered within 90 days of installation. For more information, please refer to the product warranty statement. Your investment and the elevated comfort of your home are protected by obtaining a comprehensive warranty.


Consider choosing a Diamond Elite Contractor, like the experts at Elevated Comfort, if you want to ensure that your Mitsubishi Electric heating and cooling system performs effectively. This is especially true for ductless HVAC systems, which require specialized training to install correctly.